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Awausee Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Awausee Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Difficulty: Demanding
Time: 4 to 6 hours
Distance: 10 kms / 6 miles

A challenging day hike for those who want a good workout with superb views of Lake Superior. If you are short on time - you do not have to hike the trail in its entirety to observe a great view!

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to get from the trailhead to the first lookout. Beginning at the parking lot, follow a short flat section until you reach a Y in the trail. Turn LEFT. If you only have time for a short hike, and don't feel like tramping for over 4 hours, the first lookout is just ahead and a great payoff for short amount of time that it takes to get there, but it is a steep uphill climb. The view is towards the southeast and you can see Agawa Bay, the mouth of the Agawa River, Highway 17 and Montreal River Harbour off in the distance. If you are returning to the trailhead, retrace your steps back to the start.

To continue, get back on the trail and resume your uphill journey. The trail rambles uphill with few flat sections and a couple of creek crossings. From the 1st lookout it takes about an additional hour and ½ to reach the second lookout.
At the second lookout there is another panoramic viewpoint of rolling hills and Agawa Bay. A great place to take some photos or stop for lunch.

There are two more lookouts a short distance past here, but have become obstructed by tree growth, and unfortunately you can't see much.

The remainder of the hike is undulating, up and down, until you have descended to reach an old logging road. From here it is flat to slightly downhill with tree canopy veiling overhead.