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Orphan Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Orphan Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Orphan Lake Trail: 8 km : 2-4 hrs
Difficulty: moderate

The first part of the trail goes through a forest of sugar maple and yellow birch to a lookout over Orphan Lake.
From there the trail follows the shore of Orphan Lake and passes through the site of a 1998 forest fire before climbing to lookouts over Lake Superior.

From the lookout you can see the mouth of the Baldhead River to the right, straight ahead you can see the Leech and the Lizard Islands and to the left you can see the north side of the Baldhead Mountain.

From the lookouts you head down 100 metres to a pebble beach on the shore of Lake Superior. The trail continues north along the beach to the Baldhead River and then follows the river past small waterfalls and a footbridge.

From the waterfalls the trail returns steeply to Orphan Lake along the base of some high cliffs and then the trail heads north-east through a forested area leading back to the parking area.