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Downey's Farm, Caledon, ON

Downey's Farm, Caledon, ON

This 215 acre farm has been owned and operated by the Downey family since 1920. The farm is located on Heart Lake Road, North of Brampton, Ontario.

Here's What They Offer for Sale to Their Guests:
  • Fresh quality Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables
  • U-Pick and ready-pick strawberries and raspberries in season
  • Delicious ice cream from our Ice Cream Saloon
  • A beautiful selection of perennials and annuals during planting season
  • Maple syrup, honey, jams jellies and preserves
  • Fresh breads, pies and other baked goodies
  • Cider and donuts
  • Gifts & crafts
  • Great Family Entertainment
  • Farm Festivals and Special Events
  • Special Events, Company Picnics, Birthday Parties